Counteracting Self-Sabotage in Sport

Correct your faulty mind and challenge others to accomplish your potential to become the best you can be

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Former world number one tennis player Angelique Kerber said about being at the top of her game, “It’s a new situation. Of course, you have always the goal for years to go there and to reach the top, but then if you are there, you actually don’t know what to expect. You have to get used to everything. You have to schedule your day, plan completely different and it’s for sure tougher to stay on top.”

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

To give you a personal example (in tennis); I have match point being 2 sets to zero up, five games to two in this set and am 40–15 up serving. (If you don’t know your tennis I’m winning comfortably.) I think about having already won the match and the feeling of the bittersweet feeling of the game being over. Therefore I go into this energy preservation mode where I try to dominate the rally from the baseline and move at only seventy-percent of my usual output. I know that I can finish this game easily by serving and volleying as my opponent can’t handle my volleys and positions poorly to counteract this but I don’t see the challenge in that and respect my opponent that I don’t want to see them lose in this way. I think it might be time to try my new racket. I think it’s time to try that trick shot I saw yesterday on the ATP tour. I also want to see my opponent succeed by winning a few more games because I like him/her. What am I going to eat afterwards. No one at my tennis tennis club thought I could beat my opponent. Look at me now. I’m a winner. Even after they all mistreated me and made me wait an hour before being allowed to play doubles with them then not shaking my hand. I hate that guy at my club who always calls my serves that are in wide… ALL OF THIS IS SELF-SABOTAGE! I ended up losing, my opponent felt as if they had miraculously made an outstanding sporting comeback. I felt worthless.



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