Craig Brown Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for Let’s Talk Wellbeing Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire NHS, England EXPOSED

3 min readDec 7, 2022


If you are considering seeing Craig Brown I’d plead with you not to of you gave any amount of care for your mental health. I went to see him and after a couple of minutes (literally) he told me a way to kill myself that I didn’t know off and how to do it… and said it like it was an afterthought. Don’t believe me here’s a Google review I found via searching for the NHS run LTW service.

“I’m not going to waste much of my time on this person. Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Craig Brown provided by the Let’s Talk Wellbeing service is negligent beyond belief. If you’re suicidal or depressed to any extent he’ll indirectly suggest ways you can top yourself. I’ve complained to the service and taken it to the ombudsman but they didn’t resolve anything. Our own health service and government have blood on their hands.”

Another vulnerable patient comes to him and the result is go kill yourself. He is sadistic and masochistic beyond belief and this is sickening to see that the NHS runs like this. They say speak when it comes to mental health but this is talking your way to slaughter.

When I went to see him his appearance was as unhealthy as his abhorrent thoughts. An unattractive loathe of a man. Morbidly obese, unshaven, hairs poking out of his nostrils and ears. Just yuck and eugh. He looks like that morbidly obese naked man that they put on Will’s computer on The Inbetweeners. This fuckwit who has negative value is meant to help improve my (and others) poor mental health. I think the NHS have just put him place to cull the mentally 'challenged' so psychopathic cunts like him can laugh about it. Him and his best friend Ian Salmon (a fellow therapist) who was his manager that defending him profusely. Who told me “You can take it to the Ombudsman, but it won’t change the outcome.” Salmon who shit himself after one of his patients left a review that he should be struck off made notes that he called me and I was busy. Funnily enough on the notes the time that he rang me was after he made the notes therefore complete dog crap. More bs and you could tell he was lying the way that he made fake call times and my excuse was that it was inconvenient. He was as partisan as one could be and unfortunately he was right the ombudsman couldn’t do a thing.

On his boastful notes that I requested, he wrote “patient preferred name is …” No! That was my actual name. WTF. Racist.

That I was “reluctant to share thoughts". Well, when you tell me how to kill myself why would I open up to you.

That my clear PTSD was “rather rumination than intrusive thoughts".

Amongst more and more self centred paragraph on paragraph of complete bullshit.

To conclude, the NHS have blood on their hands. Don’t share your mental health status just because you think you are in the system. The system is far less safer than reality.




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