Dear Beauchamp College,

Without a shadow of doubt you have ruined my life. Without your presence I would not be disabled by the trauma that occurred within your "establishment". Your negligence is sickening but your active abuse of me is worse. To be attached to you in any way if I do something good is rubbing salt in my wounds that you created. I’ll never give up and 'work harder’. The words I said to you that you psychotically laughed at so hard that I had to leave the room. I had to go away and study at a different establishment in order to get into university. I did try harder, I did get better grades, I did go to university to study the subject I wanted but most of all I was respected for trying harder and showing ambition when I was on the ropes. You see your racism, typecasting of people, bullying, small-minded nature and the word that encompasses it all - negligence - is beyond belief. What’s further beyond belief is the abuse you actively directed at me. That is why anything that I say and do about you will be thrown in the trash the same way you threw me in the trash. The only reason you have status is because you are situated in an affluent area, people need to stop saying the schools are good when they go by hearsay and location. Here is the truth, or continue to live in denial (the easy way; the only way the staff know as soon as they have a bad day they leave or scold their students).


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Previous retail worker hiding from anonymity and pushing for racial equality. White privilege is a cancer to society.