Why Are You Depressed?

“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.” — Stephen Fry

Some say you shouldn’t ask why someone is depressed but that’s to be sensitive and respectful. They’ll be a reason, wherever it be on the ‘scale’. Anybody who does not have an innate neurological condition in which their mood alters or remains in a depressed state will have a reason for depression. If this reason is not established it will require deeper analysis.

Someone may one day wake up depressed without any previous warning. Again, that does not mean that they are abnormally depressed without a reason. It means that the reason is yet to be found.

I recall times when I felt sheer dread and was not able to identify why initially. I understand how it can just appear, but there was always a reason for it. I discovered that when I did feel such a way it was fear. Fear of the future. Fear of the uncertain future. Fear that it would chart out like my traumatic past. This was not a distorted subconscious response. It was a realistic vision of how my life could plan out based on my experiences.

Depression is a straightforward response to a bad situation. Not in the sense that it is binary to a negative situation (it appears in a plethora of ways) but rather the response that our mind signals to us. If something has caused this response whatever it is there will be a stimulus.

There is crying over spilt milk when it’s your last affordable bottle and there is crying over spilt milk when you have a dairy farm. I feel for all that suffer from mental health problems but sometimes people choose to be miserable and that contributes to their mental health issues arising. They are more focused on the spec of dirt on their glasses rather than looking through them.

Get a grip!




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